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You Made Us Even Better

We Heard You…
You should take a look at our guestbook; page after page of warm fuzzy praise..that’s nice that people appreciate all the things we do at the Lodge at Mt. Snow to make our guests feel welcome. That welcoming instinct; you either have it or you don’t. People who come here feel like family to us and we do appreciate the kind words.
We have our critics too, of course. A lot of people don’t love critics, like a seventh- grade English teacher marking up your paper. But we’re grown up and we listen. We’re happy that most people are happy here but we also wanted to know how we could do things better. And that’s where the legitimate critics come into play. We wanted to know all the smallest details that would maximize your comfort. From little cracks in the wall to better electronic amenities. And more hot coffee and, many other home-like dining enhancements. As a result of these comments, we invested a good chunk of money into many things you may never see but they all add up to make your stay more pleasant and more satisfying because we’re not just glad you came, we want you to come back often and we want you to have a better experience each time.
We know we’re a good place. Our regulars have told us that for years. We wanted to be an even better place and we are. And we want to prove it to you. So call us today, tell us you read this blog and, we’ll give you a special offer right on the phone.